Introducing Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge exists to bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

We connect ambitious businesses with young talent locally and teach colleges to do the same.

Everything we do is designed to help the right young talent connect with the right business opportunity to successfully launch their careers.  Business productivity goes up and young people go on to shine.

To a business, we are a recruitment agency, training company and CSR partner rolled in to one.

The Apprenticeship Levy now funds a large proportion of our bespoke programmes for business replacing their recruitment agencies and external training companies.

To education we are a partner, consultant trainer and introducer to business volunteers.

To young people we are a guide as they kick start, or re-start, their careers.

We don’t believe in giving young people a chance if they don’t deserve it. Great careers do not come easy and we are too busy to work with young people who are not fully engaged.  That said we all carry an unconscious bias around that blinkers our recruitment process.  We therefore help businesses boost diversity in its widest sense by spotting, nurturing and unleashing hidden talents within our bespoke Academies for the benefit of them and the businesses they join.


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