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About us

Working Knowledge is a training and recruitment organisation with a social mission. We are experts at launching the careers of young people.

We believe that too often real talent – true talent – is hidden by traditional recruitment processes.

Of course, the ‘hidden talent’ is a problem on both sides; with young people unable to secure the right career opportunities that will stretch and progress them, while businesses struggle to find the talent they need to grow.


We believe that the character of young people is a better predictor of success than experience. Combine the right character with expert training and a clear progression pathway, then our business partners find that success is much more likely.

‘A widening pool of diverse talent’

More and more young people are looking for alternatives to university as THE stepping stone to launch their careers. Others did not achieve academically at school but have the ambition and strong work ethic that is so sought after by businesses.  Still others have graduated but have found that a degree is no guarantee of a career or even a job.

Since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, all businesses have access to new business-focussed apprenticeships and government funding to create innovative early-careers programmes.

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Recruit. Train. Retain. Progress.

We partner with businesses to identify, train, and support talented new recruits.

Our Mission

To positively change the lives of young people by supporting them to thrive with within ambitious businesses.

A social problem

Many young people are prevented from reaching their potential due to lack of opportunity, often simply because of where they have grown up, while the economy is hampered since employers cannot find the talent they require to grow.

Be relevant

Training should be engaging, thought provoking, practical and directly applicable to both the role and the objectives of the employer. And learning should never be restricted to the four walls of a designated training room.


We can all suffer from unconscious bias in recruitment. Carefully designed recruitment and training processes diversify the workforce without forcing change. Diversifying the workforce is not about offering charity but making a positive commercial difference.

Meet the Working Knowledge Team

  • Andy C
    Andy C Facilitator

    Joined Working Knowledge 2010

  • Andy M
    Andy M Recruitment Resourcer

    Joined Working Knowledge 2017

  • Bob C
    Bob C Facilitator

    Joined Working Knowledge 2007

  • Dawn Mc
    Dawn Mc Academy Co-Ordinator

    Joined Working Knowledge 2012

  • Dr James L
    Dr James L Managing Director

    Founded Working Knowledge 2004

  • Jane N
    Jane N Executive PA

    Joined Working Knowledge 2016

  • Jo T
    Jo T Recruitment Manager

    Joined Working Knowledge 2011

  • Lucy L
    Lucy L Recruitment Specialist

    Joined Working Knowledge 2018

  • Neelam C
    Neelam C Performance Coach

    Joined Working Knowledge 2017

  • Phil W
    Phil W Facilitator

    Joined Working Knowledge 2012

  • Samantha L
    Samantha L Recruitment Specialist

    Joined Working Knowledge 2017

Working Knowledge Alumni

It’s mixed emotions when people leave us; we are sad to see them go but proud of what they go on to achieve. Let us introduce you to some of the ex-Working Knowledge team.

  • Awad Bhenic
    Awad Bhenic Joined 2008
  • Corinne Thomas
    Corinne Thomas Joined 2012
  • Wale Yusaf
    Wale Yusaf Joined 2011
  • Karl Belizaire
    Karl Belizaire Joined 2007
  • Zoe Bevans
    Zoe Bevans Joined 2010

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Our Awards

In May 2014 we won the Big Venture Challenge recognising the impact of our work preparing young people for the workplace. Having won the Big Issue Invest and the Zing invested in Working Knowledge .

Our corporate partners Mitie and the Mitie Foundation, awarded us the Exciting Futures award in 2013 and the Business Partner award in 2014.

We won the 2012 Enterprise Champion category at the National Enterprise Educator Awards and a 2008 National Training Award for our work with Further Education Colleges.


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What they say

  • I found the boot camp training up front really helped me change the way I approach work and gave me the kick (and the skills and knowledge) to take control of my own career. As a result I have recently been promoted (my second pay rise in my first year) which has increased my salary by 30%.

     Serena Gregory
    Serena Gregory
  • I was really fed up in my old job, working long anti-social hours with little chance of progression. Working Knowledge has really opened my eyes to what a good employer is like and I am so excited about how my career is progressing - Harriet

    Harriet Pope
    Harriet Pope
  • This experience has been inspiring. It has really showcased to me the amazing talent available in local colleges, which I would have never considered before. It is clear to me now that we need to adapt our recruitment model to take advantage of the talented college graduates.

    Grant Kennedy
    Grant Kennedy Operations Manager - InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Working Knowledge offered us an innovative solution that has opened our eyes to how Apprenticeship Levy can be utilised to deliver genuine results in training and recruitment.

    Ash Hever
    Ash Hever Enterprise Rent a Car.
  • Weston College has partnered with Working Knowledge for a decade in which time they have delivered real results with managers, learners and local businesses that in turn have contributed to our success as an outstanding educational provider

    Andrea Greer
    Andrea Greer West College Group.

Timeline – Our Path



Launch with 1st training product (Yomp) for universities


First university student and business volunteer event (Yomping the Nations)


20th university licenses Yomp


2nd university employability and enterprise training product launched – XING


National university employability and enterprise competition launched – FLUX.


50th university licenses’ XING


First FE college employability event with business volunteers.


Fungi Foray for our team away day!


Zing Foundation investment.


1000th business volunteer supports our activities with young people


200th FE Student and Business Volunteer event.


Win National Enterprise Educator Awards.


Directly supported 20,000 young people.


Mitie – Exciting Futures award


Working Knowledge team learn to bake properly.


Run national FE practitioner training event for Dept for Education.


Big Venture Challenge Winner.


Mitie – Business Partner Award Winner.


30,000 young people directly supported.


Big Issue Invest and Zing Foundation – investment


3000th business volunteer


Launch Working Knowledge Academies


5th year running management training for Weston College.


10th Academy starts.


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