Working Knowledge Academies

We launch young people in to great CAREERS (not dead end jobs) with brilliant employers that will recognise your talents and in time offer promotion.

A video introduction to Working Knowledge Academies


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Brilliant employers?

All our employer partners are hand-picked as the kind of employers that promote people on merit not on previous experience or time in the role. They offer you a clear path to launch your professional career and fast-track you to success. In short, they are therefore PERFECT for ambitious young people that want to get on in life.


But don’t kid yourself. If you are expecting to turn up to work and watch the clock all day, you are not right for a Working Knowledge Academy. The roles are demanding but interesting. They are only for ambitious people that have a desire to do a great job and get well paid and promoted as a result.


So, what’s so special about a Working Knowledge Academy?

You don’t need relevant work experience to join a Working Knowledge Academy!
At Working Knowledge we know what it takes for a young person like you to launch a fantastically successful career.
That’s why by joining a Working Knowledge Academy you will not be leaving the success of your career to chance!

On a Working Knowledge Academy you will be trained by industry experts, achieve relevant qualifications and be coached 1:1 to help you achieve the success you know you are capable of.
How an Early Careers Academy works

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