About us

The Working Knowledge Academy of Sales, the product of a shared vision to enable talented young people to establish rewarding and fulfilling careers, regardless of their social background.

With over eight years’ experience of partnering with the Further and Higher Education sectors to support the education of full time learners through employer engagement, Working Knowledge has created  opportunities for 24,000 young people to excel and be spotted as the fresh talent of the future.

By teaming up with Josh Campbell and Samantha Lewis, we will utilise their proven track record in delivering exciting sales training to young people via Apprenticeships and Traineeships, successfully placing them in a sales environment.

James Lott, Managing Director of Working Knowledge says

‘As sales is a true meritocracy, we believe that providing world class sales training to disadvantaged young people is a great way to lift them out of the poverty trap. I look forward to working with Josh and Sam to help unleash the potential of young people and help them on the first rung of a meaningful career ladder.’

For more information about our programme please view our brochure.