Apprenticeship Levy – use it or lose it

From April 2017 all businesses will have a minimum allowance of £15,000 to spend on apprenticeship training.

Businesses with a payroll greater than £3million will pay an apprenticeship levy of 0.5% of their total PAYE.

To utilise the apprenticeship levy businesses must spend it on external training of an apprentice enrolled on one of over 400 new apprenticeship standards.

Use this ring fenced levy as the catalyst to recruit, train and support young talent in your business and enhance or create your business specific Early Careers Academy.


Working Knowledge Early Careers Academies

We provide your business with access to the most talented young people in your area, fulfilling your recruitment needs and solving your apprenticeship levy requirements with minimal investment in time and money.

Our Early Careers Academies are tailored to your business and are a unique alternative to recruitment agencies or in-house recruiting. Better yet they are effectively FREE for the right employer.


What to expect from a Working Knowledge Academy Trainee

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What to expect from a Working Knowledge Apprentice