Frequently Asked Questions

Young talent for established business.

Who will I work for?

We work with handpicked, high-growth businesses. High-growth is important because it means they are always creating new positions so you don’t have to wait for someone to leave in order to be promoted. Check out our current opportunities

What roles are available?

Roles vary across our partner businesses but we specialise in sales, business development, and customer service. These roles are vital to business success and they are better for showcasing your abilities. In short, they are great ‘foot-in-the-door’ roles from which you can develop a bespoke career. We have had Academy Trainees that have started in customer service and then moved to accounts for example.

Perm or Temp?

All roles are permanent.

What’s special about the Working Knowledge Academy?

There’s a lot but if we have to break it down, we choose these three:

  1. A GREAT START: 4-10 weeks of training up front to give you all you need to make an impact in the role from day one. We call it the Bootcamp. Oh, and you will be fully paid throughout this training.
  2. SETTLING IN: You start your career with other like-minded people; you are all in it together. So, you avoid that horrible moment when you start a new job not knowing anyone. You get to master the role in training while also having some fun working together (and competing!) as a team.
  3. CLEAR PROGRESSION PATH: We offer training and support to boost your salary and promotion prospects. This includes the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised qualification during your first 15 months – the ideal foundation to win a promotion in team leading/management.
What is the work environment like?

It depends on the partner business but all roles are based in open-plan offices and within young teams. The work is full-on but rewarding and the social life with colleagues is fun.

Who joins the Academy?

People who are frustrated by the lack of opportunity with their current employer; particularly those stuck in zero-hours contracts with poor pay.

People who are willing to put in the work as long as there is a clear progression path so they know where they are going and what they need to do to get there.

Most Working Knowledge Academy recruits have been working in hospitality, retail or some form of customer service. Others come straight from education. On average the age range of an Academy is 18-23 years but we can and do accept any age.

Very importantly, you don’t need specific experience and we don’t mind if you have made some mistakes in the past. We look for a positive attitude and a willingness to listen and learn. Working Knowledge is about moving forward in your career and life – Not Looking Back.

What hours will I work?

It depends entirely on the role – check out the current opportunities.

When do the Academies start?

Check out the current opportunities.

How much will I earn?

All the Academy opportunities vary in the details but there things in common:

  1. Starting salaries are good.
  2. You will know from the outset how you can increase your salary within the first 12 months – what you have to do and by when.
  3. There are clear opportunities to increase your take-home pay within the first 12 months.
How many places are available on an Academy?

Academies are 10-20 people.

What qualifications will I achieve?

A nationally recognised qualification in Customer Service that forms the apprenticeship element of an Academy. This qualification is a perfect foundation for a career in customer service, business development, and sales management.

So, if I am doing a qualification am I a student?

Yes, you are a student of Weston College [hyperlink], and therefore qualify for a student card [hyper link] giving you discounts like 40% off Pizza Express, 25% off the cinema, cheaper bus travel, and discounted driving lessons.

However, you never go to college; everything happens within the office and mostly within your work time – although you should be prepared to do some homework to fast track your career.

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