Our work with students

We design, organise, deliver and evidence work experience and employability activities for our partner colleges.

Our range of services build on eight years experience of partnering with the Further and Higher education sector to support the education of full time learners through business engagement.

All services are suitable for learners of all ages (16+ to adult) and levels (1-3 including traineeships).

Service 1: Employer Aware

Dragon’s Den-style business challenge events

Service 2: Employer and You


Service 3: Personal Career Networks

Year long network building programme with employer-learner events, live and remote delivery and teaching resources

Our business development team are happy to visit your College to discuss our progammes, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Employer Engagement

We are employer engagement specialists.

Our business engagement team is highly experienced in engaging niche sectors for our partner colleges that represent growth areas in the UK and the local employment market.

We engage small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) local to our college partners, ensuring that the entrepreneurial community has an opportunity to connect with learners. In addition, our national corporate partnerships connect colleges with leading UK employers and brands.

The individual business volunteers that support our programmes are required to have a minimum of four years work experience and have responsibility for managing people, projects or budgets. We understand the importance of positive role models and the impact that this has on learners.

How do we engage employers?

We invest more than £100,000 a year to engage relevant employers for our partner colleges. Our active community of 3,873 businesses regularly support our programmes and we benefit from a very high referral rate.

Colleges often provide our business engagement team with a wishlist of employers that they would like to build relationships with. We enable our partner colleges to enhance their existing relationships with local businesses by providing them with volunteer engagement opportunities that are suitable for a wide range of company employees.

Our effective use of social media networks and business development techniques ensures we always engage relevant employers that represent the UK employment market.

Endorsements from our college partners

‘It has increased the college’s reputation with local employers regarding the benefits of working with us throughout the year, to support young people in preparing them for life and business experiences’ 

Sue Steed, Executive Director, Gloucestershire College

‘When we launched our new centre of excellence in Enviro-tech for the Construction Industry, we had a list of environmental businesses that we wanted to build relationships with. Working Knowledge delivered to our brief by recruiting specialist business people that were experts in sustainability.’

Andrea Greer, Executive Director, Weston College