Build a career in digital marketing – stay with your current company and get funded training

Has your boss asked you to help with social media or websites when it’s not actually your job role? Make it your day job with the new ‘Working Knowledge Digital Marketing Apprenticeship’.

It is a familiar story that bosses of growing companies spot that someone in their organisation, is good with technology and they are then given additional digital responsibilities. Next thing, even though you are a PA, Fork Lift Driver or Office Junior, you find yourself posting on the company Facebook and Instagram, updating website content and become a marketing resource.  So do you enjoy marketing and fancy developing a new career in Digital Marketing?

But how can you develop the relevant skills as a Digital Marketer?  You may feel stuck thinking “I will have to leave my job, go on a course or get experience and then start a new career”. The Watertight Digital Marketing Academy has been specifically designed to support existing employees like you to develop the skills and experiences of a first class professional digital marketer for your current company. You don’t need to leave your job (in fact you are developing a new role there) and you don’t need to stop earning money.

The way it is done is that you join a Watertight Digital Marketing Academy. The training takes up to 18 months and at the end of it you will have completed a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship but also, and very importantly, have learned the multi-award winning Watertight Marketing methodology applied to your employer’s business.  

The benefit for your boss and you is that you have gained the marketing experience within your existing company. You will learn the latest techniques, platforms, resources and strategies rather than winging it as you may be now. Your company will see a huge benefit in better marketing, increased sales and brand recognition and you will have the new role that you wanted.

Telling your boss about the ‘Working Knowledge Digital Marketing Apprenticeship’

95% of your training is funded by the government so your boss will only have a very small outlay to pay to train you.

Through the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy, your company can access a £11,550 training programme for the equivalent of just £37 per month for 15 months. (That might be less than the company spends on coffee!).

To talk to us about the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy please call James on 07980 589 427 or 0117 304 8000

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The next Working Knowledge Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is set to start in April 2020 and is delivered as a partnership between Working Knowledge and Watertight Marketing