Digital Marketing Academy

Build a solid marketing team for your business with 90% funded training. (Yes really!)

Growing businesses need marketing. Marketing’s purpose is to drive sales and interest, so in that way, it is a business function that needs investment and employees who know what they are doing. Marketing changes, it is a constantly evolving discipline – taking time to train employees, therefore, is key to marketing success in today’s digital world of business.


A common business approach to marketing…

Your business has done well and covered a lot of largely ad-hoc marketing internally with the help of willing non-specialist marketing colleagues. However, your business growth has now exceeded your collective marketing knowledge and you realise that to achieve the business growth you are after you now need some in-house skilled support to make marketing happen. You think that Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels could be exploited for your business benefit. You are not sure what ‘Organic, SEO, PPC and great content’ are and how they could help your sales (although a beardy man has probably tried to explain).

Digital Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing Academy

Build your marketing team

You may have admin people who would love the chance to have professional marketing training and develop their roles further. Make your PA, Forklift Driver or Office Junior a fully-fledged marketer with on the job training that grows your business in tandem with their developing skills over 18 months. You can also bring in new individuals at a junior marketing executive level and train them to develop a career in your business and specifically FOR your business. The result is a strong marketing function that understands your business, at a level you can afford and can drive the results that you need to see.


Is this really funded?

Yes!, as a non-apprentice levy paying business, the government will pick up 90% of the training costs to develop your marketing expertise with the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy. The person that you want to train or recruit becomes an Apprentice, in the eyes of HMRC at least. They can be of any age and even a graduate. The training takes up to 18 months and at the end that the individual will have completed a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship.


Through the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy, you can access a £12,000 training programme for the equivalent of just £67 per month for 18 months. The employee can still work elements of their existing role alongside the marketing and gradually transition over to take more responsibility as their knowledge grows in line with the return on your investment. Working Knowledge can also help recruit ambitious new recruits if you don’t have individuals to develop in-house.


You have probably had conversations with marketing agencies and they have left you confused and concerned over the cost of marketing. You can see other businesses with strong marketing – videos, images, blogs, social media and you know they are converting to sales. Building your own strong internal marketing function is a manageable step for most businesses, and it becomes very affordable by using the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy.


To talk to us about how the Watertight Digital Marketing Academy could benefit your business and to sign up your existing employees or recruit new ones call Lou on 0117 3257725. To read more, visit


The Watertight Digital Marketing Academy is set to run from October 2018 and is delivered as a partnership between Working Knowledge and Watertight Marketing