Introducing our digital marketing apprenticeship

 We will train your staff (any age or seniority) or find you bright new talent to kick-start your digital marketing strategy using the Watertight Marketing methodology proven on over 2000 UK businesses. We've developed and refined a unique training experience: small group learning; one-to-one coaching; and techniques and strategies designed for real business needs. All  delivered by senior practicing marketing consultants. Our corporate training is mapped to an apprenticeship standard enabling many companies to receive 95% funding from the government. 


Chris - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group
Rob - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group
Alice - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group


Technical Skills

The fundamentals of web coding, Google analytics and other key technical skills that would equip them to brief and work productively with web developers.

Core Marketing Principles

The key principles of marketing and where digital tactics sit within this. This will equip them to select appropriate digital marketing tools to support every step of a sale.

Core Platforms & Techniques

The main components of key digital tools, platforms and techniques. This will equip them to manage social media and online marketing initiatives for your business.

At a glance

  • 15-months commercial training and mentoring
  • Taught by senior marketing consultants 
  • Available for business owners or employees of any age 
  • Small group learning with places capped at 15
  • 95% Government-funded
  • Costs £11,000 but you pay £550



Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing

“Nobody needs more marketing ideas, they need fewer on which to truly focus. And one of the things that Watertight really does is get people to prioritise and focus in on the one thing to be doing right now.”

Bryony is the author and founder of Watertight Marketing and one of the country’s foremost thinkers on sales and marketing. 

We are the only apprenticeship provider to be granted the licence to teach the Watertight Marketing Methodology giving you a wholly new way to resource digital marketing.  

Designed and refined over the last decade on 2,000 businesses, the Watertight Marketing methodology is a proven and powerful approach.

By mapping the Watertight approach to our training programme, we give you a strategic framework to underpin all your marketing activities.

Your apprentice won’t just learn the digital tactics, they’ll also be coached and supported to fully get to grips with your business strategy, know where digital marketing sits within your sales process, and what needs to be done to grow revenue.

Bryony explains how not to waste money on marketing to podcaster and business coach, Dominic Monkhouse.



We are delivering this apprenticeship in partnership with Swatpro, a not-for-profit company with a history of delivering high-quality learning and skills. Swatpro is praised by Ofsted and has a trusted reputation. With their network of highly experienced professionals, they have trained many thousands of people and deliver consistently high results for apprenticeships.

James Lott

Managing Director and Founder of Working Knowledge, James has been developing innovative training and recruitment programmes for business, education, public and third sector since 2005.

Peter Baynes

Peter is Working Knowledge's Academy Tutor and provides one-to-one mentoring and support for both the learner and the manager. His role is to guide them towards the endpoint assessment and to ensure the apprentice applies their learning to
add value for their employer.

Rachael Wheatley

Rachael is Working Knowledge's Apprenticeship Programme Development Lead and is responsible for designing the course. She is also a qualified Watertight Marketing Master Practitioner who specialises in building marketing teams and mentoring young marketers.


Chris - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group
Rob - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group
Alice - Digital Marketing Apprentice with Working Knowledge Group
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