Our work with businesses...

We partner with businesses to identify, recruit, train, support, progress and retain talented employees. 

Business is of course only ever as good as the people it employs. But what does young talent look like now and what will it look like over the next decade?

We hear about the problems - Skills gaps. Dwindling talent pools. Brexit. The 4th industrial revolution (watch https://bit.ly/1PnLrg1).

Working Knowledge offers solutions; from niche apprenticeship schemes to volunteering in colleges, from bespoke management training to targeted recruitment of 18-23 year olds.

Everything we do is underpinned by a deep understanding of what motivates and drives young people and also how the education system can benefit you as a prospective employer and the young people it serves.

Watertight Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Know you should be doing more digital marketing to build your business but too busy to find either the time or the expertise?

Using the award-winning watertight marketing methodology, we will retrain an existing member of your team or recruit and train new talent for you. And the best bit is that government funding will cover the majority your costs.


Our Academies connect ambitious businesses with young local talent that with our bespoke training and support go on to thrive in their careers. As a result, business productivity goes up and young people go on to shine.

We are specialists in roles that are focussed on communicating with customers such as Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Service and Business Development.
Businesses that work with Working Knowledge can utilise the Apprenticeship Levy to access 90% government subsidy. We are expert at developing effective programmes that therefore help you to save on training and recruitment costs.

Our Academy programmes have five main elements:

  1. Expert advice in the design of in-house recruitment, induction, training, retention and progression processes with reference to managing young Gen Z millennials.
  2. Search, selection and recruitment of young talent from diverse non-traditional ‘pools’ that in turn widens the diversity of the employee base.
  3. Expert in-person training in groups specifically designed around the needs of your business.
  4. Apprenticeship qualifications.
  5. Support and training to managers of new recruits to maximise success.

Diverse Talent

We don’t believe in giving young people a chance if they don’t deserve it. Great careers do not come easy and we are too busy to work with young people who are not fully engaged.

That said we all carry an unconscious bias around that blinkers our recruitment process and can effect management style and therefore retention.

We therefore help businesses boost diversity in its widest sense by spotting, nurturing and unleashing hidden talents within our bespoke Academies for the benefit of both young people and the businesses they join.


Business Benefits

Hidden Talent

Find talented, young prospects that are as passionate as they are skilled. Our diverse pool of talented trainees are ready to excel for your company.

More Skilled

Through our Working Academy training boot camp we are able to prepare trainees with the skills, knowledge, and behaviour training that will see them transition into full employment with ease.

On-Going Support

We don’t just support our trainees before and after hiring, we also provide staff training, strategic consultancy, and manager support for your business.

Proven Credentials

We have decades of experience in helping businesses find the young talent that will take them forward. To date we have worked with almost 4,000 companies, 2,300 staff, and 23,000 learners.

Reduced Costs

Working Knowledge leverages the Apprenticeship Levy to fund a large portion of our bespoke programmes. What that means for your business is that you can get superior recruitment and training services while saving money on both.

Connections to Education

We have partnered with over 100 colleges and universities. We provide a bridge between education and business, where educators can learn what companies need from employees and businesses can build beneficial relationships.

A Culture of Earned Success

We all carry an unconscious bias that blinkers our recruitment process. We help businesses boost diversity by focusing on merit-based achievement. Our young talent is motivated to earn their careers.  

Management Training

Existing employees of course should not be denied the opportunity for training and upskilling.

The Apprenticeship Levy can be used to fund the training of existing employees of any age and level of seniority. It is possible to do a Masters Level apprenticeship and fund it through the Levy process.

We specialise in bespoke Leadership and Management Programmes with a focus on:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Managing and recruiting millennials, specifically Generation Z (born in the 90’s and 00’s).

Programmes are delivered in partnership with Weston College an outstanding educator that delivers nationally and at all levels including degrees.

Like our Academies we require a minimum number of delegates on a programme.



CSR with true commercial value

We know that for our economy to grow and thrive, the workplace needs a steady stream of work-ready, eager, confident, creative and ambitious new young employees.

This is too greater challenge for teachers alone, since educators cannot know what actually happens in all industries and more importantly what skills and attributes are required of new young employees or indeed freelancers/entrepreneurs.

This is CSR with true commercial value to you. We set-up volunteering opportunities to work with and alongside our education partners to support the education of 16+ year-olds to better align them to the demands of the workplace.

What happens on a volunteering day?

We don’t ask our Volunteers to give speeches or presentations or prepare anything before the day.

Interactive and hands-on, our volunteering days are designed to maximise the impact you can make by sharing your career-journey, experiences and knowledge.


Benefits to Volunteers

Talent spotting

Talent spotting for subsequent recruitment needs.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness with a younger generation to aid recruitment campaigns.


Networking with other volunteers from diverse organisations.


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