Drowning in marketing to-do’s

Gridlines is a small but growing business and before we met Working Knowledge, we were doing most of the marketing ourselves. Marketing is a big process, from coming up with ideas to then creating interesting, attractive content to then managing our contact lists and GDPR. We found it really difficult to resource our marketing effectively and ended up doing a lot of it ourselves  – which we really didn’t have the time to do because we were busy with project work. It was hard to stay on top. 

Discovering the Academy

I discovered Working Knowledge through a message from James on LinkedIn. Normally, I ignore that kind of stuff on LinkedIn, but there was something about his message which was very targeted and interesting that made me respond. The programme just seemed very cleverly put together and we decided that we needed a structured methodology that we could apply across the company. And that was that – it all came together quite quickly!

Realising Working Knowledge could find us talent

We didn’t have anyone in-house to train up as a digital marketer so we opted to bring in someone new using Working Knowledge’s recruitment services. I was really impressed with how well-structured the recruitment process was and how quickly Jo Trendall got to grips with what we were looking for. We had a very detailed call with her so she could understand our requirements and then she rapidly pooled some very credible candidates.

My business partner and I were just really impressed with how well run the selection day was and, if I’m honest, how little we had to do! We just had to turn up. At the end of the session, the lead candidate was pretty clear to us and that really gave us a lot of confidence in the process. Having the confidence that we got the right candidate also gave us a lot of comfort that the next 15 months of this apprenticeship were going to go really well and that our apprentice was going to be well-supported. We know they would be a part of a good professional journey.

Letting go of the training burden

In the past, we put off hiring a young person because I knew that the responsibility of training would have fallen to me, which I don’t have time for.  It wouldn’t be fair on that person coming into the business. So the fact that this programme enables us to give a young person a real opportunity in a vibrant sector, within a very supported training programme, makes all sorts of sense. 

Because we are a small business, I was also really attracted to the fact that our apprentice would be able to build connections with other digital marketers and marketing professionals to bounce their ideas off one another. It’s fabulous to be able to bring a young person into our business but in a way where they’re really supported – as a small business, we could never have put this training programme together ourselves.

I just could not recommend it highly enough!

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