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“I’ve got more time and space in my life now – my mind is lifted out of the weeds into strategic thinking and decision making.

Working Knowledge has given us operational efficiency and that’s a hidden differentiator.”

Kenny Whitelaw-Jones explains how an apprenticeship allowed his business to take on a graduate in a supported way

Dominic Monkhouse explains the decision to bring his digital marketing in-house

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“The moment my apprentice arrived he was able to take on a slew of tasks, particularly related to online marketing and the website. Within two weeks the website was unrecognisable”

“If we were at this point now, in 12 months, I would be happy. But the fact that we’re here after only two or three months is just incredible.”

Alexander Daniels Global

Vashti Seth Deki
Vashti Seth Deki

Fullstack Modeller

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