10 things a digital marketing apprentice can do for your business

The role of a digital marketer is not new; it’s long been an essential component of marketing for most businesses.

Having the resource to keep your digital marketing momentum is one thing but having someone who knows the what, why, when, where, who and how of digital marketing is another.

There are two things that make a good digital marketer:

  • Knowing about the tools and techniques of digital marketing, and crucially (but often missed)
  • Being able to apply digital marketing in a way that is directly related to what the company wants to achieve in their business and marketing.

Being knowledgeable about the first point doesn’t necessarily mean they have the training or experience to deliver the second.

With that in mind, here are 10 things a digital marketing apprentice could do for your business:

  1. Keep the digital momentum going. Businesses need marketing to be regular to stay on their prospects’ radar and also to ensure their customers feel looked after. Keeping that rhythm going is hard and often comes up as a hurdle for many scale-up businesses. Having a dedicated resource will help you achieve it.
  2. Bring fresh ideas and renewed energy to your marketing team by working with colleagues and applying a digital lens to reaching and engaging customers.
  3. Measure your marketing ROI. It’s tempting to view increased website visits as a good outcome for digital marketing, but if these are from people who are not likely to become customers, it’s a vanity metric. A good digital marketer can explain the difference between these vanity metrics and those that indicate your prospects really are progressing towards buying something from you.
  4. Guide you in using the platforms and tools that are most likely to engage your ideal customers – from first awareness, to someone who’s interested, to a happy customer.
  5. Help you to use the right messages at the right time with your customers. There’s a top secret here: there’s no one killer message. The key is to understand which message at what stage of the customer’s buying journey is going to resonate with them and make them more likely to buy from you.
  6. Give you the widest possible exposure to potential customers – aligned to where online they hang out and piquing their interest in topics that will be relevant and useful for them.
  7. Make the most of your website and ensure it works for you as part of a wider (digital) marketing strategy and plans rather than being a stand-alone brochureware site.
  8. Build your credibility and give the social proof needed to help customers trust in what you do and deliver. Key to this is storytelling: sharing your customers’ successes, how you’ve helped them and what they say about you.
  9. Orchestrate your digital marketing plan, making sure each email campaign, web landing page and social media post is part of the bigger picture. Many companies we speak to do all of these things but in a scattergun way. We train digital marketing apprentices to bring all the elements together and be able to articulate why each piece is being used and to what purpose.
  10. Test and refine your digital marketing to identify what works and what doesn’t – and do more of the former!

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