James Lott, MD, Working Knowledge

I had a significant birthday last month and some very dear friends of mine gave me a rocking chair!

To start with I wasn’t sure how to react to this – am I really of the age to sit in a rocking chair? But after a few days of simply staring at it from afar, I took a moment to sit and rock… which got me reflecting.

Looking back on my working life, I have had three distinct careers; sailing instructor, scientist, and founder of a successful training and coaching business.

There is no way at the age of 18 leaving school I could’ve thought I would be doing what I’m doing now. And yet, the eldest of my four children is now at the age where he is making huge life-changing decisions that he feels will impact the rest of his career and life.

And of course, these decisions are being made at a time when the opportunities for young people to launch careers are at a huge low.

It’s tough, really tough, on young people launching their careers within a global pandemic.

But there is hope for them and it comes in the form of our great business owners, entrepreneurs, with scale-up plans built on providing a brilliant service to their customers. Those business owners know how to achieve their business goals – they just need talent and in this country, we have loads of fantastic young talent itching to launch their careers.

It was summed up really well by a new client recently:

“I don’t know whether I should be saying this to you James, but I believe that as an entrepreneur I have both the responsibility and the privilege to bring on the next generation “

I’ve spent quite some time in my rocking chair contemplating that sentence sentiment and what it really means. It’s not about charity it’s about believing in the energy and innovation of youth in order to help small businesses thrive.

I am proud to be just one of those small businesses looking to follow in the footsteps of a long tradition of creating world-class, often world-changing, businesses.

We harness the energy and innovation of youth to help businesses thrive.

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