What are the costs?

If you have a current employee suitable for the programme, the cost is just £550. If you would like us to help you recruit for the role, we can also manage this for a fee of £1,900.


  • 15 months training and coaching
  • Supported by senior marketing consultants
  • The government contributes 95% (£10,450)
  • Existing or new employee of any age or experience
  • If your new employee is 18 or under when they start, this fee does not apply


  • Detailed process to identify your ideal candidate
  • Fully facilitated assessment and interview process
  • Candidates respond to a bespoke brief to ensure we find the best fit for your business
  • If we don’t find you the right person – no fee

How much does a Digital Marketing apprentice cost?

Use the calculator below to find out how much your apprentice will cost your business in their first 12 months. This takes into account salary, training costs, government incentives, tax breaks and grants.

How does this compare to a ‘regular’ employee?

Taking on a fully supported apprentice could save your business up to £8,300 in the first year compared with employing an entry-level digital marketer.

Employee Salary 

Employer’s NIC

5% Employers Apprenticeship Contribution

Covid 19 Incentive

18 year-old Incentive

Total Cost to Business       
Employed 23-year-old graduate – £18,000* -£1,300 £0 £0 £0


Employed 23-year-old graduate on apprenticeship -£15,000** £0 -£550 £3,000 £0


Employed 18-year-old on apprenticeship -£15,000 £0 £0 £3,000 £1000


*National average salary for an entry-level digital marketer **Learn why quality talent accept a lower salary with our programme

Learn more about the government incentives available

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