What are the costs?

If you have a current employee suitable for the programme, the cost is just £550. If you would like us to help you recruit for the role, we can also manage this for a fee of £1,900.



How does this compare to a ‘regular’ employee?

Taking on a fully supported apprentice could save your business up to £8,300 in the first year compared with employing an entry-level digital marketer.

Employee Salary 

Employer’s NIC

5% Employers Apprenticeship Contribution

18 year-old Incentive

Government Incentive**

Total Cost to Business       
Employed 23-year-old graduate – £18,000* -£1,300 £0 £0 £0 -£19,300
Employed 23-year-old graduate on apprenticeship -£15,000** £0 -£550 £0 £3,000 -£11,450
Employed 18-year-old on apprenticeship -£15,000 £0 £0 £1000 £3000 -£11,000

*National average salary for an entry-level digital marketer  **The £3,000 government cash bonus to say thank you for enrolling a new employee in our programme has been extended until Jan 2022.