Three business books I listened to this summer

And I recommend you do too!

By James Lott

I’m a massive fan of business books and podcasts. During the first lockdown I listened to global bestseller Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller while painting the house. The Storybrand methodology is now a major part of our Digital Marketing Academy – helping business owners clarify their message so customers hear it. 

Over the summer I’m really looking forward to a few books that have been on my radar for a while, usually because I’ve listened to Dominic Monkhouse interview them on his terrific business podcast The Melting Pot.

Better Before Bigger Book

I love Nick’s business name and philosophy “Flucture” meaning how entrepreneurial business need to be both flexible and structured at the same time – and also love the book title. This one is all about improving your business and your relationship with it. Something many business owners could benefit from I suspect!

This year has thrown so much into the air and given us all a chance to rethink how we allocate our time and energy. When I listened to The Melting Pot podcast interview with Eric, I really liked the simplicity. Eric advised CEOs through his role at McKinsey for many years, helped build Skype and has founded several businesses – some of which we now work with.

3 Alarms Book
Fix This Next Book

Really liked Mike’s earlier book Profit First, which is all about making profit a habit (also a great Melting Pot interview). So I thought I’d listen to his latest book on instantly pinpointing what you need to do next for your business. As the MD of a scale-up business, taking a moment to (re)assess priorities is always helpful.

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