How would I know if this Academy is right for my existing employee?

Successful candidates that have joined the Digital Marketing Academy as existing employees of our clients have a huge variety of backgrounds and most have no marketing experience.  

We have had successful candidates that were previously working in roles as diverse as warehouse, admin, reception, bar staff, etc.  Others have had marketing related roles but have never had any formal training. 

The commonality is that all had shown their employer their potential and as a result the employer has wanted to keep them.

Does the employee want a career in marketing? I mean really want a career in marketing. If not then they simply will not put the time in to succeed.  The Academy is not like school. You can’t just go through the motions. They have to have a thirst for the subject.  A desire to master it.

Does the employee enjoy learning? Marketing is a career in which you can never stop learning.  It is changing so fast, the employee will need to invest time to keep up. The Academy is just the start of their learning journey.

We will be asking the employee to question the way your business currently communicates with customers and prospects. Not to change things, but to help your employee understand what works and why it works to ensure they help you create a marketing system that consistently delivers more of the right customers.

Does the employee relish the idea of joining a group and getting to know each other professionally really well? Many become great friends.  The learning is all online but interactive.  Mostly using Zoom.  So cameras are on.  Full engagement is required.  Active listening.  Questions forthcoming. The group works when people are willing to question each other. To debate. Brainstorm. In between Zoom sessions, the employee will interact with their group on a daily basis via an app – similar to Whatsapp.  They will ask questions…’I’m about to send this email out to our list  – can anyone think of a reason why I shouldn’t!’  or answer questions “yes I have experience of that widget to boost engagement on LinkedIn. I will help you install it”  The group is like their extended marketing department.  There to lean on and there to offer support to.

Is the employee committed to your business? Are they loyal?  The Academy is 15 months long.  Will they see it through?  AND will they want to stay on beyond that 15 months to allow you and your business to continue to reap the rewards?

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