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Facebook Ads for Small Business

Facebook knows a lot about its users. Andrew Kingston, Facebook Ads specialist at explains here how small businesses can harness its power.

Andrew presented this session followed by a Q&A as part of our Digital Marketing Academy, a government-funded programme for UK businesses looking to boost their in-house marketing capacity.

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The webinar includes:

  • Tips on getting your message in front of a highly targeted audience

  • Create custom audiences from existing sources such as email lists, or website visitors based on their specific actions

  • Tips for creating “lookalike” audiences

  • How to set-up a Facebook Ad campaign to get the results you’re looking for

  • Use the Facebook Pixel to retarget visitors to your website

  • How to use simple plug-ins like a Facebook Pixel Helper to make sure everything is working as it should be

Watch full session

Why Facebook is still important

As Andrew says, love it or hate it, Facebook cannot be ignored. Facebook remains the third most visited website/app behind Google and YouTube, and it’s a seriously powerful tool for reaching your audience. 

Facebook has 1.62 billion daily active users, in fact, 74% of Facebook users log in every day and spend an average of 38 minutes on the site. Despite these big numbers, it can also deliver incredibly well-targeted advertising for your business. 

Every organisation should have a Business Facebook Account as there are some features that are not available on a personal account. Even if you’re not ready to spend on Ads, you can still collect really valuable data and use it as a benchmark for future campaigns.

From here you can create custom audiences based on location, interests and online behaviour; or even from your existing email lists to remain visible with prospects who’ve gone cold. Facebook knows which users are more likely to engage with your content by liking or sharing it, watching a video or clicking through to your website. Decide what action you’re looking for, and adjust your target audience accordingly.

You can track all of this behaviour using the Facebook pixel, a small piece of code you can add to your website. Follow-up with visitors who have read an article, browsed your site, abandoned their cart or watched a video. You can automatically retarget these visitors in Facebook depending on which specific action they took, like how much of the video they watched.

Before you start spending on Facebook Ads, Andrew suggests playing around with Boosting your posts to get a feel for what resonates with your prospects and customers, and ultimately, what drives sales.

Good luck!

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Live webinars like this are a key part of our Digital Marketing Academy, a government-funded programme for UK businesses looking to boost their in-house marketing capacity. See the full course overview here

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