Your Digital Marketer is supported in a number of ways: 

  • Monthly live masterclasses delivered online by subject experts and in the company of a small group of apprentices (5-9) at the same stage of learning. Peer-to-peer learning provides a rich and engaging experience. 
  • Weekly expert-run webinars allowing you and your Digital Marketer to ask questions on any aspect of your marketing campaigns and get advice. 
  • Extensive online multimedia resources created and curated by our marketing expert team.
  • Monthly assignments to ensure the apprentice can put into practice what they are learning – NO case-studies only real marketing for your business! 
  • Face-to-face course on coding plus virtual Google Analytics course. 
  • Monthly one-to-one sessions with a tutor/mentor via video call to ensure milestones are hit and all parties are held to account. 
  • Closed Facebook group giving access to a peer community and marketing experts – Google should never be the first port of call to understand how ‘to do’ some aspect of marketing.