Very few of the client-managers connected with our Academies are marketing professionals.  It is our job at Working Knowledge to provide marketing training, guidance, and advice on your behalf.  However, as the manager you are the one with domain expertise so should be providing regular expert input, content ideas, stories, etc. In addition, as their manager, you should be setting expectations and supporting them to achieve their KPI’s in a way that fits with your company culture.

In terms of time commitment, you should:

  1. Schedule to meet with your apprentice for an hour immediately following each monthly Masterclass to understand what marketing activity needs to be done for your business that month.
  2. Schedule 30 minutes every month for the tutor video call to discuss what has worked, what hasn’t and the key objectives for the next month.
  3. Review the upcoming Friday webinar schedule and attend those that interest you (or listen to them at a later time)
  4. Provide at least one content idea per week or encourage others in the company to come up with the weekly ideas.
  5. Participate in creating a marketing dashboard that illustrates the success of all your marketing campaigns and review the dashboard regularly.