In most small businesses, employees are required to pick up tasks outside their core role. It’s no different for your apprentice. As long as 51% of their time is on Digital Marketing they can support other areas of your business. In fact we usually encourage this because it builds a better understanding of the business, which results in better digital marketing. 

As a flavour for the types of marketing activities they might do, here are some examples: 

  1. Review the marketing messages your business currently uses at different stages of the customer journey. Identify whether each one has the right appeal and recommend how you might improve them. 
  2. Pick one of your top three marketing issues and build a mini digital marketing plan and/or campaign to address it, taking into account; objectives, audience, messaging, content, timing, budget, measures of success and platforms. 
  3. Think of a no-commitment trial to put in place that will give your customers a taste of what you do and how you deliver it without spending any money. Discuss with your manager what you need to do to put it in place.