We offer three distinct modules: 

  • Coding 
  • Google analytics and digital marketing tools 
  • Principles of Marketing 

Coding: Your Digital Marketer will understand the basics of coding, how websites are put together and how search algorithms work. They will cover the principles of coding and logic and will get an overview of coding language. These are core technical skills that allow them to work effectively with digital tools and specialist providers like website designers or app developers. 

Google analytics and digital marketing tools: Your apprentice will become a blackbelt in Google Analytics including tracking codes, reports, setting up goals and campaign tracking. This is an essential skill to test and measure the effectiveness of any of your digital campaigns. Our advanced sessions cover data collection, processing and more complex analysis and marketing tools. Your apprentice will be effective at leveraging google analytics in your company and helping others to do the same. 

We do not stipulate that your Digital Marketer becomes an expert in any other digital tools since not all businesses are the same and what tool is right for one is not for another.  We provide curated materials and expert support and guidance so your Digital Marketer develops skills and experience in the digital tools that are appropriate to your customers.

Principles of Marketing: There is a danger that a digital marketing training programme could simply provide an understanding of a collection of digital tools but leave them with no understanding of which tool to use when and for what purpose! We take a different approach.