The Working Knowledge
recruitment process

Recruiting in-house is time consuming and tricky.  Recruitment agencies might not have your best interests at heart.

Working Knowledge have 16 years’ experience of finding, attracting and recruiting young talent and have developed a 4-step process to guide you to the right candidate.

How Does it Work?

Course Outline

Step 1.  Person Specification. 

Meet with your Working Knowledge recruiter to help you define exactly the type of person you want as a marketing exec.

Step 2.  Search, Sift, Short-list. 

Working Knowledge advertise, search, cold call, pre-interview, sift and short list candidates.  On average we talk to 80 candidates per role.  That’s actually speak to them on the phone! 

Step 3.  Demonstrate potential.

CVs are NOT the best way to demonstrate potential. You need candidates to DO some marketing for you.  Write a 200 word blog.  Plan a Social Media campaign to target business owners in certain postcodes. Create a 60 second explainer video… 

You and your Working Knowledge recruiter agree on the right task for you.  Your recruiter then sends it to promising candidates who need to:

  1. Understand your brief,
  2. Do some research,
  3. Create something,
  4. Deliver it on time.

Four key things you need to know about candidates if they are to thrive in the role as your Marketing Exec.

Step 4. Assessment Centre.

A short-list of four candidates are invited to a half-day assessment centre facilitated via Zoom by your Working Knowledge recruiter. 

You attend with a colleague to both interact and observe all four candidates who work together in a series of activities/workshops.

The assessment centre is designed to help you decide which character is the best cultural fit for you and your organisation.

“The recruitment process that Working Knowledge ran was very robust. I’ve worked in big corporates for many years and compared to many recruitment campaigns I’ve seen there, it was impressive and thorough.”

Steve Milton , West London Homes