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R&D Tax Credits – it’s a lot broader than you think

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit incentive was introduced in 2000 as a means of stimulating innovation in the UK. It enables UK companies to recover a portion of their operating costs (including staff salaries!) related to R&D projects.

The HMRC definition of R&D is much broader than the common understanding: 

  • Development of new products, processes and services
  • Improving existing ones by making them cheaper, faster, more environmentally friendly or efficient
  • The integration of software programmes into a business’s internal infrastructure

You don’t even need to be doing the R&D in-house; subcontractor costs can also be recovered. 

We learnt all this when we met Nat Mortazavi from Apogee Associates earlier this year.

Apogee Associates are R&D tax credit specialists who operate across the UK and its team has recovered tens of millions in funding for UK SMEs with a 100% success rate. We were surprised at just how many businesses and activities qualify.

The process has no financial risk; Apogee’s fee is fully contingent on the application’s success and is only payable once you get paid.

Apogee Associates Team
If you’d like to find out more, contact Nat Mortazavi on or 07596 848 450.

3 books I’ll be listening to this summer

Better Before Bigger: Rethinking Business Success

By Nick Cramp 

I love Nick’s business name and philosophy “Flucture” meaning how entrepreneurial business need to be both flexible and structured at the same time – and also love the book title. This one is all about improving your business and your relationship with it. Something many business owners could benefit from I suspect!

Better Before Bigger Book

The Three Alarms: A Simple System to Transform your Health, Wealth & Relationships Forever

By Eric Partaker

This year has thrown so much into the air and given us all a chance to rethink how we allocate our time and energy. When I listened to The Melting Pot podcast interview with Eric, I really liked the simplicity. Eric advised CEOs through his role at McKinsey for many years, helped build Skype and has founded several businesses – some of which we now work with.

3 Alarms Book

Fix This Next

By Mike Michalowicz 

Really liked Mike’s earlier book Profit First, which is all about making profit a habit (also a great Melting Pot interview). So I thought I’d listen to his latest book on instantly pinpointing what you need to do next for your business. As the MD of a scale-up business, taking a moment to (re)assess priorities is always helpful.

Fix This Next Book

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In focus…

Amy Hunter, Studio Giggle

Amy Hunter Studio Giggle Apprentice

Amy Hunter is a digital marketing assistant at Studio Giggle, a creative studio specialising in designing and producing animated and filmed content for events, based in Bristol.

Amy recently graduated from our Digital Marketing Academy with a distinction. We talk to her about her experiences during the programme, how she has applied her new knowledge to the business, and what the future holds.

“As a result of the knowledge I’d acquired, we were the top-ranking result on Google!”

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