Why does the Digital Marketing Academy attract higher quality candidates? 

When you need quality talent not just ‘good enough’ or ‘best of what’s on offer’ it’s important to offer something more.

The task of attracting, recruiting and retaining talent is harder than ever; illustrated by the highest ever number of job vacancies in the UK (1.3million)

For businesses that young talent may never have heard of the task is even harder.


How does the Digital Marketing Academy help?

  • 15 month proven programme to launch their career with you
  • Nationally recognised qualifications recognised by CIM
  • Practicing marketing consultants as trainers and coaches
  • Peer group to interact with professionally and get to know well
  • Monthly appraisal process, KPIs and transparent salary increases.


The support from Working Knowledge will also give you the confidence in your candidate choice. 


  • We have worked with over 30,000 young people over the last 16 years and understand what talent looks like
  • The government pays us for success; our profit is paid 17 months after your Marketing Exec starts with you and only if they finish the Academy programme. We are highly motivated to get the right candidate and see them thrive!
  • No recruitment, no fee and 6 week guarantee
  • On boarding, appraising and training system in place, you don’t need to design one or deliver it all yourself.
  • If something goes wrong with your recruit, you have independent support to catch it early, working alongside you to turn it around or if necessary provide the evidence to justify failing quickly.
  • You choose a great talent, right for your needs, from strong candidates we provide and then both you and them are fully supported for the next 15 months to ensure the right marketing gets done