How does Working Knowledge differ from a recruitment agency or recruiting in-house?

Working Knowledge is a training company that does recruitment. We have been working with young people for over 16 years and really understand what talent looks like and how to get the best from it.

Vs Recruitment Agency

The best way of comparing us to a recruitment agency is to think about what motivates us. We are as motivated as you are to find the right person for you and to see them thrive in their marketing role. Why? 

We make our money NOT from the recruitment fee you pay us, but from the government funding the training.  However, the government pays our profit only when your Marketing Exec graduates from the Academy after 15 months. So if they are not thriving in the role, so you don’t keep them, or they decide to leave you, then we do not get paid our profit, even though we have invested months of work in them.

In addition, we are a social business with the purpose of giving young people the opportunity to thrive in careers they are passionate about regardless of their background. Finding the right Marketing Exec for you, and helping them to thrive is hardwired in to what we do as an organisation. It is why we exist.

Vs In-house

We do the hard graft for you.  

You choose a great talent, right for your needs, from strong candidates that we find, attract and prepare for you, and then both you and them are fully supported for the next 15 months to help your marketing exec thrive.

Our recruiters are specialists at recruiting for entry-level Digital Marketing roles.  They do a head-hunters role for an entry-level position.  We cold-call people following CV searches.  We set up Google Ads campaigns.  We use Social Media.  We use our networks.  We go all out to speak with as many people suitable for you as we can.  

We don’t believe CVs are the best way to demonstrate to you the potential of candidates. You need candidates to DO some marketing for you. So the best candidates are set a task that they have to deliver on time.  

The final short-list is then invited to a assessment centre that Working Knowledge facilitate for you, just like the big graduate recruiters run.  Through a series of workshops you get to learn which candidate will work best for you.

More information about The Working Knowledge recruitment process

And the cost…

We are cheaper than recruiting in-house.